KastKing Triton Dualis Revolutionary Two-speed Spinning Reel


  • KastKing’s revolutionary Triton Dualis two speed spinning reel features precision high and
    low gear ratios in one fishing reel. Either gear ratio can be selected at any time. The Triton Dualis
    two speed reel has the advantage of using one reel for different conditions or techniques. Its low
    speed gear ratio with more torque covers bottom fishing and using bigger baits to pull in big fish.
  • The high speed gear ratio on the KastKing Triton Dualis two speed spinning reel is ideal for burning
    lures across the water at high speed or turning fish away from heavy cover quickly. You can change
    the gear ratio selection during the retrieve. Only a Triton Dualis two speed reel offers a double edged
    advantage at an affordable price.
  • A KastKing Triton Dualis spinning reel is valuable for kayak fishing, canoe fishing, or small boats;
    you can cut the amount of tackle on board in half by virtually having two reels on one fishing rod.
    It eliminates on board weight and clutter, or if space is available, Dualis doubles your fishing tackle
    options and puts a  high quality reel in your boat.
  • Dualis reels are built with tough saltwater safe corrosion resistant components: stainless steel
    main shaft, 10 shielded stainless steel bearings, aluminum alloy spool and handle, and high-modulus
    graphite components. Dualis 4000 and 5000 fishing reels have incredible fishing
    power – 22 lbs. / 10 kg. of carbon fiber drag. A double bearing main shaft support prevents power
    robbing torsional twist and shaft misalignment, and eliminates shuddering under heavy loads.
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The affordable KastKing Triton Dualis spinning reel has innovation developed by anglers for anglers at its core. KastKing Triton Dualis spinning reels features high and low gear ratios that can be selected at any time. Triton Dualis two-speed reels offer the opportunity to use the same fishing reel with changing conditions or techniques. Its low speed gear-ratio with more torque covers bottom fishing and the use of bigger baits to bring in big fish. KastKing Triton Dualis’s high speed gear ratio offers a faster retrieve speed for anglers who want to burn lures across the water at high speed or turn fish away from heavy cover quickly.

A Dualis spinning reel is built with high technology and quality: CNC machined aluminum alloy handle and Power Launch Spool for farther casting, precision gears, triple disc carbon fiber drag washers, unbelievably light but super stron graphite body, and computer balanced graphite rotor. Triton Dualis spinning reels are saltwater approved.
Product Details:
Triton Dualis 3000 Weight(g/oz) 12.42oz/352g / Max Drag LB/KG 13LB/ 6KG / Gear Ratio 4.7:1 / 6.7:1/ Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.22mm/200m, 0.25/150, 0.30/100 Monofilament Capacity (lbs/yds) 6Lb/210 Yds, 8/170, 10/140
Triton Dualis 4000 Weight(g/oz) 16.31oz/462.5g / Max Drag LB/KG 22LB/ 10KG / Gear Ratio 4.3:1 / 6.3:1/ Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.35mm/180m, 0.40/140, 0.50/100 / Monofilament Capacity (lbs/yds) 10Lb/275 Yds, 12/220, 15/160
Triton Dualis 5000 Weight(g/oz) 23.98oz/680g / Max Drag LB/KG 22LB/ 10KG / Gear Ratio 3.7:1 / 5.4:1/ Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.40mm/220m, 0.50/140, 0.60/100 Monofilament Capacity (lbs/yds) 16LB/220Yds ,20/170,24/140

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